Indy Crash plans on continuing the Indianapolis tradition of winning football games on the field and winning the heart of the city off the field. While our mission is to become champions, it is much larger than that. Women's football has been around for a long time, existing only because of the owners and coaches that believe in it and make it possible for women to learn, play and master the game. Indy Crash players dedicate their time and sacrifice their bodies to perfect their skills. It is not uncommon to find police officers, lawyers, teachers, social works, students and stay-at-home moms on the team. Commitment and talent have no one face. Our desire is to make women's football and the Indy Crash a household name and provide the opportunity for ANY woman to come try out and fulfill a dream that has not always been possible.


Indy Crash’s mission is to promote women in sports and provide an opportunity for ALL women to come together as one, as a team, to elevate women’s athletics in our communities; to encourage diversity and to serve as role models to young girls. 

Indy Crash proudly supports its local non-profit partner: The Chris Lytle Foundation, as we take a stand together against violence and bullying. Indy Crash supports the empowerment of girls and women.