August's Featured Player of the Month

Brittany Langley, “Lang Bang”, #17, Corner

Langley is a woman of few words, but she makes a huge impact.  She explains that, “football got me interested in football.”  And, that about says it all!  She loves the game, her teammates, her family’s support, and the support of her community.  Langley credits her father and mentor, Coach Kenny Haworth, for teaching her on and off the field.

Kenny is humble about his daughter and tried to keep “coach” separate form “dad”. He credits her for being her own person and making the right decisions on her own. He says, “she is a team player and a leader; her military background has contributed to how hard she works and the sacrifices she makes as a player.” Langley is an army veteran and worked as military police.

Kenny shared a story about Langley’s rookie season. Apparently, she contacted Kenny for help, frantically telling him. “you have to meet Coach Priest,” because they only had one week to coach her to be a quarterback against Chicago, one of the largest, toughest teams in the league. ”She kept getting slammed down but got up with a smile every time,” said Coach Kenny.

Langley loves having her dad be a part of her career in football. When asked, she said, “it’s always great to have my father on the field with me, but it’s more important to have a great coach and a mentor, who happens to know me as a person and as an athlete.” Growing up, she remembers his constant support from the sidelines and the bleachers.

Langley has been playing on the Indy Crash for 4 years and will be traveling to LA in August, along with a few other players, representing the Indy Crash in the All American game. This is her first appearance as a voted all pro, and her team is proud of her-not only for how she plays on the field but for how she treats people and her willingness to volunteer to help the team any chance she can get.

Indy Crash would like to devote this featured player of the month to Langley for her devotion, positive attitude and work ethic and to also thank strong men-- fathers, husbands, sons and brothers, who stand up and support strong women in sports.

Please help the team and Langley. Anything you give this month will be split 50/50 between the Indy Crash to prepare for the 2016 season and to help pay Langley’s 2016 player fees. You can make donations on our GoFundMe.