Rie always loved the game of football.  As a kid, she watched her older brothers play the game and she played a lot of football (flag), as well.  Rie was introduced to the Indy Crash by a former teammate, Peaches.  Rie, in 2015, returned for her second season with the Indy Crash. 

More than anything else in football, Rie loves the contact – hitting and making plays.  She also values the unity of the team - they work well together to accomplish a common goal.  Furthermore, Rie enjoys traveling to other states to play.  She believes the biggest challenge women’s football faces is “getting people to come out and support this great movement in history of women’s full contact football.”

Rie’s high school basketball coach, Robert Locke, has been her mentor.  He taught her good values and the importance of a great work ethic; he showed her how to “come to every game with her heart and leave it all on the field.”   When growing up, he acted like a father to Rie; Locke made sure she was always prepared for every game.  Locke told her to never give up; because of his guidance, Rie recognized her potential as an athlete.  Rie still talks to Locke about everything; he is the one she calls.

Rie went to Ball State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science.  While there, she played intramural basketball.  In high school, she played basketball, volleyball, and softball; she also participated in track and field where she threw shot put and discus.  Rie works as an Interventional Radiology Technologist (currently a Traveling Radiology Tech).  While she enjoys her work, she took the summer off to play football with her team. 

Rie wants to give a special “shout out” to her mom and her family, who have always supported her in her life decisions.  Even though her mother doesn’t like football, she still supports Rie; however, her mother keeps one eye closed.  Rie also has a few words for her friends: “You all know Rie loves you to the end… and thank you for the support… and last, but not least, to GOD who helped me heal from knee surgery and continues to protect me on the daily.”

Please help the team and Marie. Anything you give this month will be split 50/50 between the Indy Crash to prepare for the 2016 season and to help pay Marie’s 2016 player fees. You can make donations on our GoFundMe.